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Boston Baby Superstore - THIS STORE IS OUT OF BUSINESS

Official Website:Boston Baby Superstore - THIS STORE IS OUT OF BUSINESS
Locations:Multiple see below
Category:Kids Furniture & Gear
Other Ideas: Babies R Us; BabyAge; Jordan's Furniture; Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory; JC Penney

THIS STORE IS OUT OF BUSINESS - Boston Baby is a children's furniture and gear store. Boston Baby offers wide selection of kid's furniture, from cribs and changing tables to bunk beds, trundle beds and dressers. They have quality items and they can deliver and even set up your furniture for you for an extra fee.

In addition to children's furniture, Boston Baby also carries a good selection of swings, pack and plays, travel accessories, baby bjorn, and a small amount of baby clothing.

Sales staff are friendly and helpful and prices are generally reasonable. They do carry excellent brand names.


Avon(508) 559-1400map15 Stockwell Drive, Avon, MA
Danvers(978) 777-1414mapDanvers Crossing, Danvers, MA
Newton(617) 332-1400map30 Tower Road, Newton, MA

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Buyer Beware
For those who have been affected by this horrible scandal - Please know that the same man Robert Kjellman will be opening up a new store in Natick, MA on Rt. 9 called 'Grow with us' which will be connected with 'Young America' - a kids furniture store (beds, bunkbeds, lofts, etc). PLEASE BE AWARE & WATCH OUT. They did it once when your child was an infant & now back to target your child 6 years later. Please be careful! - A concerned consumer
The Case Of The Missing Money
I lost almost 2 thousand dollars in deposits from BB Kids. I am very upset cause I had to go and charge a new bedroom set for my daughter when my plans where to pay cash through layaway. If anyone has received money back or knows how to get it back please email me at rosaroo2@aol.com. thank you
Boston Globe Magazine Story
My name is Keith O'Brien and I'm doing a story about Boston Baby, and its closing, for the Boston Globe Magazine. I'm interested in talking to any former customers or employees. So if anyone's interested in talking to me, please contact me at 617.522.1522 or via my e-mail: keith@keithob.com. Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon. -Keith
Don't Feel Too Bad
It is sad that the employees are out of a job...but let's put things in perspective. The company continued to place orders and accept deposits up to the day before they closed their doors. When customers called prior to the closing, people pretended that all was fine and that shipments should be expected shortly. Most importantly, if the owners were so upset with closing, they would have contacted all the people that made purchases and explained the situation, rather than closing up shop and directing people to call an unanswered 'customer service' number. That's just not right. You don't expect a supposedly reputable business to act in this manner. I think you're right though, they gave it their all, to rip off as many unsuspecting pregnant women that they possibly could!
Boston Baby
I, too, have a very good friend, that worked at Boston Baby for many years-actually up to the recent closing of the stores. She told me that that most of the employees, along with the owner, gave it there all and did as much as they could to ensure that all the orders were filled. I was told that due to unfortunate curcumstances beyond the owners control, he was forced to close the doors. Temporarily or not?? I feel heartsick for all the expectant parents out there, but I also can feel heartache for the employees and their families,along with the owners and their families.
Young America Furniture/Stanley At Jordan's
I was also burned by Boston Baby. My husband found the same exact crib and baby furniture at Jordan's Furniture. Although Jordan's is such a huge store, they were unable to give any discount!!! On another note, I read in the Boston Herald that Brockton based Mattress Inc. is selling mattresses, cribs, and furniture at cost to people with their original receipt from Boston Baby. It's worth checking out. Hopefully, more companies will follow in their footsteps.
Shafted By Boston Baby
i have a friend that has worked for boston baby and she got the shaft too.she was told on thursday that she did not have a job anymore.the week before she found out that her medical insurance was cancelled because of non payment. she knew thing's weren't good at boston baby because customer's kept calling about there furniture and no one knew what was going on. also she is not getting paid for last week and no one is getting there vacation pay of over a 100 hour's.she hope's all customer's contact the attn general's office or there credit card company's or another baby furniture to get there furniture. good luck
We Found A Store In CT. That Really Saved Us!
thank heaven my in-laws live in Southern CT and when we visited there last week-end they took us to this fantastic baby and teenager store in Stamford, Kids Home Furnishings. (www.kidshomefurnishings.com) Their displays of cribs, bedding and teen furniture are absolutely fantastic and the owners were really willing to work with us, especially when we explained our situation........Sincerely, Steve Cook
Baby Furniture Found
Thanks to the posting 'A Little Help' (3/28/06), I was able to find that Tiny Totland, in Manchester, NH had in-stock two necessary Baby's Dream pieces for our day-old grandaughter (the crib and the changing combo). The Tiny Totland personnel were extremely helpful, and their prices beat BB. I do sincerely hope that all BB customers file the written complaint form with the Attorney General's office and be persistent with their credit card company to obtain a fulll refund.
Chapin Specialties Co
I bought furniture from boston baby several weeks ago. still waiting. I was watching television last night and noticed boston baby is out of business. I am out my 2000.00 in deposits looks like. I got on the phone after i heard the news and called Chapin's in Springfield and they had all my ragazzi furniture in stock and is shipping to me this week. The person I talked to is named Mark. He was super helpful to me. I would highly reccomend him. He really knows his stuff!! Give him a call!! 413-732-4154.

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We make best efforts to update information, but it changes frequently, so we cannot warrant it. Please call to check Boston Baby Superstore - THIS STORE IS OUT OF BUSINESS schedules, fees, and directions before making the trek. We help you, please help us. Report an Error if you find one.

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