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A nanny is a professional who will care for your child or children in or out of the home on a full-time, part-time, or temporary basis.

You'll probably have to conduct quite a few interviews to find the perfect match, so start your search asap with a list of thoughtfully prepared interview questions at the ready.

Finding a Nanny

Referrals are an excellent way to start. Visit your local playground to ask parents if they know of a good nanny in need of work; look for postings at churches, synagogues, and pediatricians' offices; or use the classified ads.

A placement agency is another good resource because you will work with a counselor who can help you define your needs and put you in touch with nannies that will most likely be a good match.

The Interview

Conduct a mini-interview over the phone before you set up a face-to-face meeting with a prospective nanny. Give her/him the job description and inform of both the positive and negative aspects of the job as an initial weeding out process.

When you do meet in person, look for someone who exhibits a caring nature, a genuine interest in children, and is enthusiastic. She should also have the ability to communicate openly with you, and support your child-rearing beliefs.

Get at least three personal and three work references, and be sure to call them and ask any questions you may have. Also, have the nanny provide a DMV printout of their record. And above all else, remember to trust your instincts!

Questions to ask

  • What interests you most about this job?
  • What was your last position, and why did you leave it?
  • What previous childcare experience do you have?
  • What were your best and worst childcare situations/experiences?
  • Tell me about your home life and relationships with family.
  • How long do you envision yourself being a nanny?
  • How is your health?
  • Are you trained in CPR, first aid? If not, would you take a class?
  • What are your views on discipline?
  • Do you drive? If yes,do you have a car?
Placement Agencies top of page

Organization Description Contact Info
American Nanny Company Founded in 1984 by Marsha Epstein, current vice-president of The International Nanny Association, this agency offers carefully matches live-in and live-out nannies. (617) 244-5154
Beacon Hill Nannies Established in 1986, this agency offers unconditionally guaranteed, full-time, live-in and live-out nannies. Provides detailed profiles and videotaped interviews. (617) 630-1577
Well known by concierges at many of the best hotels in Boston for their in-room child care for guests, this agency also offers short-term and long-term, full- and part-time child care. Last minute requests are often accommodated. (617) 268-7148
Boston Nanny Centre Recently honored with the Agency of the Year Award for outstanding ethical business practices and an active nanny support system by The Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies, Boston Nanny Centre offers long term placement of live-in and live-out nannies. (617) 527-0114
Cass & Company This nanny and domestic placement agency offers both live-in and live-out as well as special needs child care. All candidates are thoroughly screened. You can fill out an online application. (617) 619-3620
An exclusive domestic placement agency offering live-in or live-out, short-term and long-term nannies, baby sitters and baby nurses. (617) 742-6610
In Search of a Nanny This state licensed agency offers referrals of full-time and part-time nannies, as well as postpartum caregivers who provide a variety of services. The service also places short-term and occasional care givers with a minimum of four hours for a one-time only job. In addition they also offer a low cost service that provides a listing of screened caregivers for evening and weekend child care hours and an "In-Home Child Care Kit" that teaches you how to screen a nanny yourself. (978) 777-9891
Nannies Nook This agency specializes in long term and temporary/short term placements. Services include: live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time and summer placements. The staff at Nannies' Nook strives to match the right nanny to the appropriate family. Both family and nanny are screened very carefully for mutual compatibility. (781) 982-0044
Nanny Poppins LLC Nanny Poppins, Inc. is a licensed, full-service American nanny and baby sitting agency that provides nanny placement for your home. Offers live-in or live-out, full-time and part-time nanny and baby sitting referrals. They also offer screening services that include thorough background, criminal and driving record checks. (617) 697-0052
Parents in a Pinch Committed to the highest standard of excellence in child care, this Boston based company, established in 1984, provides in-home, emergency, live-out, long-term and short-term child care. Offers newborn care, holiday, convention and corporate group child care. (617) 739-5437

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