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Daily Hands-on Programs at USS Constiution Museum

Official Website:Daily Hands-on Programs at USS Constiution Museum
Venue:USS Constitution Museum
Location:Navy Yards, Charlestown, MA
Dates:Sunday, September 30, 2018 - Tuesday, September 30, 2025
Hours:9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Ages:Infants, Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Adults
In/Outdoor:Indoor, Outdoor
Cost:Free see below
Category:Learn Something

Daily Hands-on Programs at USS Constiution MuseumThereís always something exciting happening at the USS Constitution Museum!

Daily programs led by talented Educators feature hands-on learning, crafting, and fun.

Daily programs are designed for all ages.

Below are a few example of programs you may encounter on your visit to the Museum:

Life at Sea
Whether it is 2017 or 1812, everyone needs to eat!

Discover what is for lunch in this delicious program about the early sailorís daily diet.

Tools of a Trade: Caulking
USS Constitution is the oldest ship afloat in the world thanks, in part, to the thud of a sturdy caulkerís mallet, sticky tar, and miles of old rope.

Try your hand at this essential step in keeping wooden ships afloat today!

Outrun Outgun Design Challenge President George Washington needs you to build one of the countryís 1st naval ships.

Design, build, and test your own mini shipís strength and speed.

Are you up for the challenge?

In Your Own Words
Sailors aboard USS Constitution used pen and paper to send letters to loved ones left a shore.

Explore some of these letters while writing your own version with a quill pen.

Seabag Discovery Kits
Come discover what the Navy Yard has to offer with fun and games for all!

Available at the USS Constitution Museum or the Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center.

Pick one up for the duration of your stay and explore the sites.


The Museum has a suggested donation of $5-$10 for adults, $3-$5 for children, and $20-$25 for families. However, any amount is greatly appreciated.


Navy Yards, Charlestown, MA map


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We make best efforts to update information, but it changes frequently, so we cannot warrant it. Please call to check Daily Hands-on Programs at USS Constiution Museum schedules, fees, and directions before making the trek. We help you, please help us. Report an Error if you find one.

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