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Tot Plex Indoor Play Space

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Hours:Hours Vary see below
Ages:Toddlers, Kids
Cost:$ see below
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Within the Canton Sportsplex, the Canton Totplex is a great indoor space for toddlers and young children thru six years. Kids play on climbers, slides, cars or full size moonwalk. The equipment is organized into age appropriate groupings.

HOURS↑ top

Mon-Fri. 9:00 -2:00 pm

Closed on all school holidays and vacations. Follow the Canton School District for emergency weather closings. However If Canton schools have a delay we will open at our regular time 9:00am.

COST↑ top

$8 for 1 child, discounts for additional children; 10-day pass: $60



5 Carver Circle, Canton, MA, 02021 map
Phone: (781) 821-1020 x

Route 24 South, Exit 20B (Rte. 139 West). Take immediate right before gas station. Bare left at fork and continue straight to The Canton Sportsplex.


I recently had my 6 year olds birthday party at the 'Tot Plex' I was told there would be a gym instructor and a party host to help with everything and a coach to run the sports game party we paid for. After the party which consisted of my husband and a guests father running games with 20 plus children and the supposed help with the set up and clean up of the filthy party room was over I asked to speak to the manager. When the manager whom I called to complain about the next day ended up being the owner I decided to write a review. My husband and I are in our early 30's we have had plenty of kids and adult parties at other places. I asked to speak to the manager after the party to let him know how disappointed we were with the way his staff ( a young high school boy) was no help at all. His response was 'you pulled me out of a session for this ' then raised his voice a bit and said, 'so this is how you want to handle it I have never had a complaint, I saw the kid helping you with the balls, he was going with the flow.' On more then one occasion during the party I asked the kid to get the kids to play different things he did nothing, at one point I said play red light green light and he told me he doesn't know how. The owner whom I thought was the manager then walked away from me saying he was gonna fire the kid. My complaint at this point is not with the kid it is with the owner who had no idea how to help his customers and was so rude and arrogant that I wouldn't recommend any one have a party or even step foot in the place again. The parents of the children were telling me I should complain but I waited till the end because kids are kids they were having fun any ways. Glad I did wouldn't have been surprised if he kicked the kids out if I complained during the party he was a real jerk.
I could care less about the dirty toys and dirty kids after playing. I expected that. What I didn't expect was for the bouncy house to be turned off while my three year old was STILL IN IT!! It literally collapsed on top of her while the adults tried to hold it up while I got her out. The young man who turned it off actually just STOOD THERE and watched it happen! We got a very callous sorry and that was it. Their response was that time was up and it was time to turn it off. It was before 1:05, less than 5 minutes after the allotted time. Clearly this place does not have any safety rules ( or common sense) as they should have announced they were shutting it off and checked for children beforehand. I will not be returning and will make sure to spread the word about the unsafe conditions.
5-starCanton totplex
Our daughter LOVES the Totplex. We've been going there since she was old enough to walk and have taken several 'semesters' of soccer and t-ball. This winter, we've started using the huge ice rink as well. The coaches are knowledgeable and friendly, there are lots of different activities like bouncy houses, slides, play houses and ride on cars and the indoor playspace is HUGE. It's the best indoor place to run off steam on a winter's day we know of! I have to respond to some of the negative reviews, which are really shocking and not at all true. The place is not at all 'dirty', and I have never seen a toy that was broken or looked 'old'. Like most places that have Astroturf, they have to use 'infill', made from black rubber, to keep the blades of grass separated and make the turf soft and bouncy. It will get on socks and knees and whatever else touches it, but it comes right out in the wash. If your kids play indoor sports, you're going to be encountering this at some point. Also, I have never seen a teenager working there. All the adults are sports coaches,with years of experience who keep a sharp eye on the kids. I have never seen a child injured there and we've been going for years. Finally, there is a separate bouncy house, specifically designated for the 2 and unders and this is strictly enforced. They don't allow adults in the bouncy houses, but most places don't, since you would become a hazard if you entered.
Sorry but this place was disgusting! I dont care what the reasoning is....I dont expect to take my kids somewhere and have every inch of them covered in black. I have been making rounds at MANY indoor playgrounds and NEVER have I walked out so disgusted and dirty. In the last 8 places I have been not one of them was so bad as Totplex. Some had broken toys, some were small but nothing compared to this place and the filth. And to other posters...I always wash my kids hands before eating however needing new socks and washing feet and knees in addition to hands is not acceptable. Even my 4 year old said...'this is yukky mommy' Playing outside in mud would have felt cleaner. Also we drove an hour to play and eat as advertised online and were informed the cafe is closed which cut our visit short. So bascially I paid $8.00 to have my kids turn dirty and black, had to leave early due to no food and then spent more money on new socks...NEVER EVER again would I step foot in this dirty hole...YUK!
5-starLots Of Fun
my friends and i went to the totplex last week to play and the kids loved it! lots of variety, moon walks, cozy coupes, slides, houses plus more.. kids will not be bored....and attendants to play with the kids....gave us moms time to chat as well... lots of classes for the kids as well.. we are looking into signing up for a few of them.. great way to spend the day with other moms and children.......only complaint.. the day went by too fast.....great fun for the money.....
1-starNo Excuses
Yes, but how many INDOOR play spaces make your hands and feet black. If I wanted to go to an outdoor playground I would expect that, not for an indoor. And I am quite sure no adult has ever suggested to me to wash my kids hands before they eat that is obviously common sense, yet she felt the need to tell me. Facts were real straight...I don't expect to pay for my kids to play in dirt...otherwise I would go to a public playground. Bottom line is when you go to an indoor play space you expect it to be clean.
5-starAsk Questions
I recently visited the playspace for the first time and as many of you have previously mentioned I also noticed the 'dirtiness'. So by asking the staff (for my childs sake) I was informed that the playspace is on a synthetic turf field. The product used to make the 'grass' stand up and look real may rub off onto toys, hands, feet, socks etc. I was reassured that the turf was tested by the fire department before and throughout the TotPlex being open. If you are going to post information for others to see get your facts straight and ask questions! The staff is very friendly! p.s. Bringing your child to an outdoor playground is no different! Your still going to have to bathe them when you get home. p.s.s do you not always wash your childs hands before they eat???
I can't believe this place is advertised as a children's play place. I was there recently for a birthday party and was disgusted. I've been to many indoor play places, but have never encountered the filth in this facility. All the toys have seen better days and there was a tint of black to pretty much everything there. You would do well to stay away and try your luck elsewhere. The only positive note is that the staff were super friendly yet even they seem to have conceded how dirty the place is. We were advised to wash our hands before going to party area for cake. Thanks I said I think a steam cleaning would be better!
1-starVery Disappointed
The concept of the Tot Plex is excellent, but unfortunately very dirty! I was rather disappointed, as a Nanny with a 3 year old and 1 year old in my care this is not a place I would go to again. You do not want a child crawling all over the soccer field coming up with hands so black it took many wipes to get in between those tiny little fingers so you felt his hands were clean and under the finger nails I can't even imagine the filth, especially for a child teething and putting his hands in his mouth.. Both boys had to be changed of their clothing and socks as soon as we entered the house. .
4-starReally Great For What It Is
Not sure what other reviewers are talking about. It's a perfect place to take your toddler during the house-bound winter months to let them blow off some steam. There are plenty of toys for all ages. My 14 month old loves it. Kids seemed well behaved and well-observed by their parents. There is a bouncy house for children under 2 so the issue of older kids is moot there. Overall, I'm very glad this place exists.


Info changes frequently. We cannot warrant it. Verify with Tot Plex Indoor Play Space before making the trek. If you find an error, please report it...
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