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Nature's Superhero's: Life at the Limits

Official Website:Nature's Superhero's: Life at the Limits
Location:1 Science Park, Boston, MA, 02114 map
Phone:(617) 723-2500
Dates:Thursday, February 14, 2019 - Friday, May 31, 2019
Ages:Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Adults
Cost:$$ see below

Many extraordinary species have developed unique (and often weird!) “superpowers” to overcome the challenges threatening their survival.

This captivating temporary exhibition lets you discover bizarre mating serenades, explore a mysterious cave environment where animals live without eyes, and investigate how a giant elephant seal can hold its breath for nearly two hours while diving a mile to find food.

Nature’s Superheroes: Life at the Limits offers a fascinating lens on the breathtaking diversity of the natural world and the incredible power of evolution to shape exceptional responses to the challenges, and opportunities, of life on Earth.

Multi-sensory experiences, immersive scenic displays, and hands-on interactive components bring exceptional creatures to life!

Nature’s Superheroes: Life at the Limits is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York.


$25 Adult(12+) $20 Child (3-11)

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We make best efforts to update information, but it changes frequently, so we cannot warrant it. Please call to check Nature's Superhero's: Life at the Limits schedules, fees, and directions before making the trek. We help you, please help us. Report an Error if you find one.

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