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Massport & Logan Airport

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Get directions, security info, parking updates, arrivals & departure information as well as airline contact sites & numbers.

Logan Airport Security
Listed below are preparations you can make to help you move more quickly through Logan Airport's new security process. By familiarizing yourself with these tips and recommendations, you will be able to play an active role in ensuring your own convenience, safety and comfort while traveling through the airport.

Preparing for Your Trip:
While new security procedures do not specify any particular style or type of clothing, certain clothing and accessories may set off an alarm on the metal detector and slow you down. Be aware that any metal detected at the checkpoint must now be identified. If you in fact, set off the alarm, you will be required to undergo a secondary screening, including a hand-wand inspection in conjunction with a pat-down inspection, both of which you may request to be conducted in private.

While you can remove metal items at the security checkpoint and place them in the bins provided for X-ray, you can save yourself time by not wearing metal items and/or placing them in your carry-on baggage before you get in line. If you refuse to be screened at any point during the screening process, the screener must deny you entry beyond the screening area and you will not be able to fly.

Avoid having on your person items that contain metal when traveling, including:

  • Jewelry (pins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, body piercings, cuff links)
  • Shoes with steel tips, heels, shanks, buckles or nails
  • Clothing with metal buttons, snaps or studs
  • Metal hair barrettes or other hair decoration
  • Belt buckles
  • Under-wire brassieres
  • Keys, loose change, lighters
  • Mobile phones, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDAs)
  • Surgical steel implants will require a physician's note

Packing for your Trip:
  • Please remember there are now more restrictions on what you can pack in your carry-on and checked baggage. All baggage will be screened and possibly hand-searched as part of the new security measures. This inspection could include emptying most or all of the articles in your bag.
  • Limit checked and carry-on luggage.
    Restrictions limit you to one piece of carry-on luggage (a small piece of luggage) and one personal item (handbag, laptop computer, briefcase, etc.). Remember, checked baggage (luggage you check in at the ticket counter or at curbside) is not accessible during your flight.
    >li>Limits for Persons with Disabilities - The limit of one carry-on and one personal item does not apply to medical supplies, equipment, mobility aids and/or assistive devices carried by a person with a disability.

    Persons with disabilities and medical concerns should refer to the TSA website for current screening information pertaining to specific disabilities including mobility, hearing, visual and hidden disabilities and the use of dog guides, service dogs and hearing dogs. You will also find information on medical devices for persons with diabetes, pacemakers, assistive devices, scientific items and crematory containers.
  • Check ahead of time with your airline or travel agent to determine the airline's baggage policy, including the number of pieces you may bring, along with any size and weight limitations.

    If the screener requests that you put a delicate or fragile item through the X-ray machine, you may ask the screener to ensure that there is no baggage immediately before or after the item so that it will not be damaged.
  • Don't forget to place identification tags with your name, address and phone number on all of your baggage, including your laptop computer and cell phone. It is also a good idea to place an identification tag inside your baggage as well.
  • Avoid over packing to avoid articles from spilling out if your bag is opened for inspection.
  • Think carefully about the personal items you place in your carry-on baggage. The screeners may have to open your bag and examine its contents.
  • Avoid carrying or packing white powdery substances.
  • Consider placing articles in clear plastic bags inside your baggage to minimize handling of your personal items.
  • Wait to wrap your gifts. Be aware that wrapped gifts may need to be opened for inspection. This applies to BOTH carry-on and checked baggage.
  • Pack prescriptions, travel and identification documents, jewelry and valuables in your carry-on bag.
  • Pack personal care items (hairspray, shaving cream, deodorant, perfume, etc.) in checked baggage or purchase them at your destination to avoid delays and possible confiscation of items.
  • Have medical documentation readily available for syringe, injection devices and medications..

Travel Tips:

Getting to the airport:
  • Provide advance notice to your airline or travel agent if you have a disability and require assistance at the airport.
  • Check with your individual airline for delays, cancellations, special travel needs and traveling with pets.
  • If you require a companion or assistant to accompany you through the security checkpoint to reach your gate, speak with your airline representative about obtaining a gate pass for your companion before entering the security checkpoint.
  • Be sure to arrive two hours prior to a domestic flight and three hours before an international departure to allow for security screening..
  • Call Massport's 24 hour information line at1-800-23-LOGAN and listen to Logan Radio 1650 AM to confirm which parking lots are open if you will be parking at the airport. Some lots may be filled to capacity or closed for security reasons. Be sure to allow extra time for parking and shuttle transportation.
  • Check the Flight Tracker on the Massport web site Click here where you can print out a customized flight information page. Here, you will also be able to access terminal and gate locations, parking availability, and real time arrival and departure information.
  • Be aware that vehicles may be randomly searched prior to parking, and must be individually searched before entering Logan's Terminal B garage.
  • We are now allowing curbside check-in. Drivers should drop off passengers and quickly depart. Curbside parking is strictly prohibited and unattended vehicles WILL BE TOWED.
  • Make sure all your carry-on items, equipment, devices, etc., have an identification tag attached.

At Security Screening:
  • The TSA has instituted standardized screening procedures at airports across the country. Each passenger must now go through two stages of screening: 1) Baggage Checkpoints (Security screeners will screen all checked-baggage before it is loaded onto the planes) and 2) Passenger Checkpoints (Security screeners will screen you and your carry-on baggage.). Some passengers may also go through an additional stage of screening.
  • Every person, regardless of age, must undergo screening to proceed beyond the security checkpoint. Even babies must be individually screened, however, you will not be asked to do anything that will separate you from your child or children.
  • If you are planning to bring an animal on-board the plane with you, you will need to present the animal to the security checkpoint screeners for screening. You may walk your animal through the metal detector with you.
  • If this is not possible, your animal will have to undergo a secondary screening, including a visual and physical inspection
  • Pack your outer coat or jacket in your baggage when possible. Outer coats must go through the X-ray machine for inspection. If you choose to wear an outer coat to the checkpoint, you will need to either place it in your carry-on or put it in the bin that is provided for you. You will not need to remove suit jackets or blazers unless requested by the screener.
  • Remember, do not wear metal items during the security screening. Place them in your carry-on baggage before you get in line.
  • Do not bring prohibited items to the airport.
  • Mobility aids and assistive devices permitted through the security checkpoint include: wheelchairs, scooters, canes, walkers, crutches, prosthetic devices, body braces, augmentation and communication devices (e.g. Braille note takers, slate and stylus), dog guides, service dogs, hearing dogs, and diabetes related equipment and supplies.

At The Gate:
  • Present valid photo identification along with boarding pass
  • Proper identification is a must. All adults need either a PHOTO ID issued by a government authority or TWO other forms of identification at least ONE of which must be issued by a government authority.
  • Minors are not required to have IDs.
  • You will need proof of same-day travel, such as a ticket, boarding pass and, for e-tickets, either a printed confirmation with ticket number or airline/agency-generated itinerary with ticket number. Check with your individual airline for any specific requirements.
  • For international travel, adults and minors will also need a PASSPORT and any necessary VISAS.

On The Plane:
  • Safely stow baggage.
  • Stow heavy items under the seat in front of you.
  • Don't stack or overstuff items in the overhead bin.
  • Use of cell phones, radios and televisions is prohibited during flight as they may interfere with airplane instrumentation.
  • Laptops and other personal electronic devices such as hand-held computer games and tape or CD players are restricted to use above 10,000 feet.

At All Times:
  • Never leave baggage unattended or accept packages from others.
  • Report unattended packages or baggage to airport or airline security personnel.
  • Do not joke about security matters.
  • Be prepared for a greater security presence at airport. Be aware other security measures are in place, but may not be readily apparent.
  • Keep identification and travel documents available for inspection at all times.
  • Be prepared to have baggage and electronic devices randomly inspected as requested.

Security information has and will continue to change. For the latest and most up-to-date detailed information, please go to the TSA's 'Prepare to Takeoff' website at Prepare to Takeoff.



Phone: (617) 568-5000


Info changes frequently. We cannot warrant it. Verify with Massport & Logan Airport before making the trek. If you find an error, please report it...
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