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Toys R Us

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Locations:Multiple see below
Ages:Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Adults
Category:Arts & Crafts
Other Ideas: The Painting Place; The Glass Bar, Glass Art Classes for Kids, Teens, & Adults; Parts and Crafts Workshop; Clay Dreaming Pottery Studio; Boston Center for the Arts

Popular chain store featuring toys from toddler to teen. You'll find everything from Fisher Price and Little Tikes to bicycles, outdoor equipment, books and electronics. Not all stores carry the same items so it is best to call before you make the trip.

The 'R' Us family (including Toys R Us, Kids R Us, Babies R Us, and Imaginarium) offers a broad assortment of toys, games, sporting goods, electronics, software, baby and kids' apparel and juvenile furniture.

Check your Sunday flyer for sales and coupons.



Attleboro(508) 695-6195map1190 S. Washington Street, North Attlboro, MA, 02760
Brockton(508) 584-8697map416 Campenell Industrial Pkwy, Brockton, MA, 02301
Cambridge(617) 576-8697map200 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA, 02138
Dedham(781) 329-4924map10 Providence Pike, Dedham, MA, 02026
Everett(781) 289-1181map66 NorthGate Plaza, Revere, MA, 02151
Framingham(508) 370-4445mapShoppers World - 1 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA
Medford(781) 396-6885map630 Fellsway Parkway, Medford, MA, 02155
Peabody(978) 532-0978mapNorthShore Shopping Center, Peabody, MA, 01960
Western Mass(978) 534-4300mapCommercial Road / Searstow, Leominster, MA, 01453
Western Mass(413) 543-6555map1686 Boston Road, Springfield, MA, 01129
Woburn(781) 935-7654map366 Cambridge Street, Woburn, MA, 01801


1-starRFID Tags Would Help
If TRU would spend a few cents per item and require manufacturers to include an RFID tag, a lot of this goes away. On an RFID tag, you can store date, price paid, method, store location, etc. With this you prevent fraud and keep your customers happy. As far as gift receipts go, I agree people should request and give them. The problem at TRU (and some other places, not all though) is when you've been rung up and realize you only got one gift receipt, the cashier cannot just push a button and spit out x number more, so you have to go to customer service (tick tock). At the time, you're probably already in a rush or flustered (hey, it's a toy store), so you just blow it off. TRU wants to make it difficult (OK, sorry TRU employees), I mean they have no reason to make it easy. They want the sale to be permanent. Bottom line, if they care about fraud (which I'm sure they do) and care about customer sat (which I hope they do), then spend a few pennies on RFID. By the way, I still do shop at TRU, but only when I have a Gift Card.
5-starToys R Us Return Policy
How do I expect TRU to return an opened item with a receipt?? BECAUSE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT DOESN'T WORK UNLESS I OPEN IT AND TRY IT????????? Seems like common sense to me.
5-starWhat A Bunch Of Whining Losers
Why is it that you think TRU or any other store should take back your merchandise unless it is unopened, SEALED as you bought it, and with proof that you purchased it there? The woman with the DVD return is a loser. Would you go in and pay full price for a DVD that wasn't sealed like all of the rest? I wouldn't. So TRU is supposed to lose money because you took the seal off, which also means they have no idea if you 'opened' it as you claim you didn't and USED it on your car trip, (which it sounds like you did). Why should they take a hit because you opened something (took the plastic off) and then decided you didn't want it??? And as for the person who was recommending that you take your TRU merchandise over to Target -- that is fraud. If Target didn't sell it to you, then you have no business trying to get Target to take it off your hands and give you money or credit for it. WAKE UP!!! Return fraud costs companies (and therefore honest and policy-abiding consumers) over $4 BILLION a year. If you want to return something, then KEEP YOUR PROOF OF PURCHASE (receipt) and DON''T TRY TO OPEN IT, BREAK THE SEAL OR USE IT FIRST!
1-starToys R Us Return Policy
I too have much to complain about with TRU. My daughter received an outfit that was too small for Christmas. Upon trying to exchange it for the next size larger size, I was informed of the RIDICULOUS policy TRU has with regard to returns/exchanges without receipt. I have NEVER dealt with something SOOO unfair and consumer unfriendly. I will NEVER purchase another thing from that company. I suggest no one else do the same. Now I have several outfits that can never be worn by her. What an utter waste of my time and the gift givers money! Warning: STAY AWAY FROM TOYS R US!!!!!
1-starToys R Us Returns Policy
I agree with most of the most, maybe all, of the postings. TRU has a ridiculous returns policy, it's very difficult, and the last thing you want to have to deal with if you have kids, and you've finally managed to find the time to get to the store. It isn't the sales peoples fault, and I don't envy them their task, but it sucks nevertheless, and I hope they pass that on to their management. They also make it very difficult to register a complaint. In fact, they won't. You have to do it yourself in writing , I believe. Anyway, I AVOID TRU, and I highly recommend everyone do the same. Maybe they'll start caring about what their customers have to say then?
1-starReturn Policy
I can't even begin to tell you how upset I am at TRU. Two days ago I purchased a portable DVD player. The reason why I purchased it was due to the fact than both of my children have DVD players that were purchased at Best Buy. One of the units needed to be repaired and the service plan had already expired. We are leaving on a road trip in two days and I need a 2nd player for my daughter to use. So I ran into TRU and purchased a unit from them. When I got home my husband decided to take a look at the unit from Best Buy that required repair. To my surprise he fixed the unit. We no longer need the DVD from TRU. I did not open the box itself but took the plastic strapping off of the box. Guess what, TRU will not take back the unit because it is considered no longer factory sealed. I never even opened the box!!!!! Now I am out $114!!!!!!! Mind you $114 that I had no business spending. We have shopped a TRU for years and have spent a boat load there. I on a whole very rarely return items anywhere. I am so furious with this company!!!!! From now on I will shop at walmart and target.
5-starYou Don't Need A Receipt Actually
As long as you give a correct phone number, Toys R Us can look your receipt up easily on their computer at their service desk. This is the same practice by other retailers such as Best Buy. When you check out, your phone number is asked. And this is one of the reasons why. In case you lose your receipt. Now if you wait too long, past their 90 day return policy, then you ARE out of luck. But if you haven't decided you wanted something within 90 days, then you probably have no business returning it after that.
1-starToys R Us Returns
Why oh why is this a problem. Just take any return you have, with or without a receipt, to Target or WalMart. They will cheerfully refund your money or make an exchange. Then, never, ever walk into Toys R us again. With all the other options, there is no reason to do so. Mike in Harford, CT
3-starTRU Return Policy
I am a associate for Toys R Us, please do not take the return policy out on the management or associates, the returns are tracked on a national basis and if a return is taken back without a receipt the store manager is written up and could be terminated, it does not me thye agree the polciy but they need to support it. As much as it pains us to turn away a customer based on 20 yrs exp in retail of always being trained to give the customer what ever they want. The policy is a disgrace and even the manager does not have flexability to change it or they will lose their job thanks for listen
1-starRE Return Policy - Stop Whining Thu 7 Dec 2006
Rugrats huh? I'm guessing you have no children and honestly think ToysRUs and BabiesRus are the only game in town. Well, Mr. or Ms. Employee - when you start spending your own money on your own 'rugrats' we'll see how happy you are when others decided to waste it for you. When customer service treats you like garbage or basically thinks, as you have displayed, that they are the only ones that matter. Last I looked there are a million stores on the internet happy to sell me what I need. If I can't get it locally I'm sure to find it there and guess what - I'll buy it from anywhere else that can treat me and my family with some respect. Clearly you need to learn some!!


Info changes frequently. We cannot warrant it. Verify with Toys R Us before making the trek. If you find an error, please report it...
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