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Keys for Kids Piano Keyboard Groups

Official Website:Keys for Kids Piano Keyboard Groups
Location:1 Militia Drive, Lexington, MA, 02421 map
Ages:Kids, Teens, Adults
Category:Music Classes
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Original and exciting way to learn music and piano playing.

“Keys for Kids” is a comprehensive group music program, designed to help children discover the world of music through motivating materials and activities. The program develops well-rounded musicians who understand music and enjoy performing it. Every student has a very positive experience while gaining a wide range of musical skills and knowledge.

• Kids enjoy sharing music with their friends and are motivated by the group experience.

• Students receive a total music experience in a classroom equipped with an electronic piano for each child.

• The classes are organized by age and are limited in size to assure individual attention:

- Mini Keys (3˝ to 5 year old beginners). 45 minutes per week.
- Kinder Keys (5 to 7 year old beginners). 45 minutes per week.
- Super Keys (7 to 11 year old beginners). 45 minutes per week.

• Motivating age-specific textbooks offer different challenges each week and provide a wide range of musical skills and knowledge.

• Very dynamic and interactive sessions to inspire enthusiasm and confidence;

• The child and parent bond as a music team in class/home;

Additional classes offered:

- Private piano lessons for students of all levels taught by experienced instructors who hold advanced degrees in music

To learn about the program, visit www.keys-for-kids.com. FREE SAMPLE LESSONS are offered during the summer. For class locations, dates, and times, please call 781-274-9729.


I can only comment on the Andover lessons
The lessons are offered through Andover DCS. The instructor is not good with children at all. He seems to have no understanding of how to interact positively with young children. His frustration and lack of patience escalated so that by the 3rd lesson I was considering quitting. He seems to think shouting louder and banging on the keys louder will make them understand. But they don't understand because he does a poor job of explaining what the directions are and then expects the kids to be able to read his mind. He doesn't understand that young kids need some time to process the question he's asking before they can answer; he barks a question and if he doesn't get an instantaneous answer, he yells it out himself and declares; 'Come on, this is so easy!' His shouting is making them feel like they are dumb. NOT a great way to make kids feel good about learning. My kids are absolutely hating it and I am too. I wish I had the guts to tell him he needs some instruction himself from an experienced, kind, patient elementary school teacher on how to clearly explain and model what he is asking them to do and then have age-appropriate expectations of their abilities. Since we cannot get a refund for the semester we paid for, I told the kids we'll just stick it out and chalk it up to one of those times in life where you have to learn to deal with a crummy situation. The instructor does not appear to be enjoying himself in the least, either.
Delightful... Worth Every Penny
My daughter has been taking lessons with this curriculum for three years. The early years (4 - 5 years) did include songs where the student 'bangs' along with the music, but it engaged her and she had fun with it! As she moved through the curriculum, the songs became more difficult and included more traditional songs (Ode to Joy, for instance) in addition to original songs included by the curriculum's developer. My daughter was exposed to music theory, solfege singing, rhythm exercises, notation and she participated in a recital at the end of each year of lessons. The first two years of lessons did involve a great deal of parent inclusion, with me sitting beside her during lessons guiding her along, pointing to the notes, and helping her find the correct page. I sat with her each day to practice. A CD was provided with the songs so she could play along. I play piano and often played duets with her. I don't know what the previous reviewer experienced, but it doesn't sound like the class my daughter took... her classes are in Andover with Jacob Zelser. I am a 2nd grade teacher with 10 years of experience and wholeheartedly recommend this teacher and curriculum! We even commute 30 minutes one way to take these lessons. My 4 year old is starting this Fall!
They learn nothing but how to bang the piano. Waste of money. My daughter was there for 4 years, and she learned practically nothing. We went to a private teacher and in 1 month she learned more than all these 4 years. Shame!

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We make best efforts to update information, but it changes frequently, so we cannot warrant it. Please call to check Keys for Kids Piano Keyboard Groups schedules, fees, and directions before making the trek. We help you, please help us. Report an Error if you find one.

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