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King Richard's Faire 2021

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Dates:Sat, Sun from 9/4/21 - 10/24/21
Hours:Hours Vary see below
Ages:Kids, Teens, Adults
Cost:$$$$ see below
Category:Fairs & Festivals
king richard's faire 2021 photoTransport yourself back in time and revel in the magic of New England’s largest and longest running Renaissance Festival - King Richard’s Faire.

Captivate your senses by seeing exotic animals and watching the King’s daring knights joust on horseback; hear live musical acts and watch theatrical performances. Stroll through the village of artisans and browse the wares of more than 100 unique and talented artisans, including glass blowers, sword makers, potters, clothiers, jewelry makers and more.

Tucked away on 80 acres of enchanted forest in Carver, MA, King Richard’s Faire is a full day of live, interactive entertainment for all ages.

Watch the King’s daring knights joust on horseback; hear live musical acts, watch theatrical performances and stroll the village of more than 100 unique and talented artisans, including glass blowers, sword makers, potters, clothiers, jewelry makers and more.

The Faire offers eight stages of live entertainment all day, including three jousts daily featuring brave knights.

Many interactive experiences, such as the Princess Academy and Knight School for the little ones, are free and a chance to meet the royal court. See the website for the entertainment calendar.

King Richard's Faire
235 Main Street, Rt. 58
Carver, MA 02330

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HOURS↑ top

Including: Monday, September, 6th Labor Day & October 11th Columbus Day
Gates open 10:30am & close at 6:00pm

COST↑ top

$37 for adults ages 12+; $18 for children ages 4-11 and free for kids up to age 3. Parking is also free. Purchase Tickets



235 Main Street, Carver, MA, 02330 map
Phone: 508-866-5391

From Boston:
3 South to 44 West to 58 South & follow signs to our gates or:
93 South to 24 south to I-495 South, exit 2 at Route 58 & follow signs to our gates.

From Providence:
195 East to I-495 North to Route 58 & follow signs to our gates.

TIPS↑ top

  • All rides and amusements are an additional fee but are unlike any other you'll find elsewhere. (i.e. Axe throwing, man-powered motion rides, giant swan swings and a castle maze, and many more unique games).

  • Food & Drink are available for purchase, however you must purchase tickets to redeem at booths.

  • Every Saturday at 4pm on the King's Stage, the Faire offers free contests and ceremonies, including a Vow Renewal Ceremony and a new Game of Thrones trivia/costume contest.

  • The rides & games at King Richard's Faire are carnival like - and are an additional cost.

  • There is no parking fee.

  • Outside food and drink is not permitted.'

  • The Jousting, Tiger Show, and Juggling show are all very good. All rides and activities will cost you $3-$4 a pop. They do have some interesting “renaissaincey” kids rides & stuff.

  • Check the website for the show schedule so you can plan your day around that.

2-starPrices are RIDICULOUS
King Richard's prices just go up and up and up. Even though I've gone pretty every year for almost the past 10 years, it really is a total ripoff these days especially compared to other faires. For example, it is not $29 to get in. It seems to go up a dollar or 2 every year. But what is more crazy is the food tickets. They used to be $0.50 each. This year the prices are $1.00 a piece! That means $10 for a small cup of beer, $7 for a small square of pizza. $5 for a small soda, $9 for a sausage and pepper sandwich, $10 for 5 tiny hot wings and some fries. These are fenway prices, not family outing prices. I spent $40 on food for myself alone! So you are now at roughly $70 just to get in, and that is with buying nothing, playing no games (usually $3-4 a pop) and forget about tipping any of the performers. If you go for the day, eat lunch and have a couple drinks, buy a souvenir or two, and play some games or rides and tip your performers, expect to spend $150 or more.
5-starLove this Faire - Wish it were EVERY DAY
King Richard's Faire is a feast for the body, mind and spirit. Transport yourself back to a time when things were simple, bodies were celebrated (in all sizes and shapes) and laughter was the best medicine! Yes, there were other things going on, more harsh, but not at this Faire. I love every minute I've spent and thus far, this year, I've gone twice. And I'm planning to go again next weekend. It calls my heart back. For those of you that think it's expensive, please consider a Groupon. They're easy to find! And for $29 (adult fee), you get everything (except your meals which are totally reasonable - two of us ate for $20 yesterday) = shows, jousting matches, concerts, plays and more! And the rides, all hand-propelled without electricity, cost a mere $2-$3. And they are so much fun even for adults! I highly recommend a visit or two. And don't forget to check out Michael's Wax Works just to the left as you walk in the gate. Incredible wax figures - wizards, and dragons and so much more. You can watch him make them right there. Enjoy! And gratitude to all who put effort towards creating this fabulous event every year!
5-starFamily Time
This Faire is a Place Our Family Has to Save for, but, we look forward to it. For Our Family of 5, we spent just over $200 for entrance fee, food and rides. The children have a great time and the shows are really good. The josting is a great show for them and they get involved Most Faire's in New England cost us far more than this one. Great Time for the Money! Not to Mention you make it what it is!
4-starFamily Fun Year after Year
Our family started going a few years back when my son was 4 and in love with knights and dragons... we thought we would go, see what it was about, and maybe go back in 10 years, lol. 3 years later, we have gone every year and already look forward to next year's return of the Faire. It isn't the cheapest day, but its a day full of theatre and amusement of which you and your kids are part. LOTS of people dressed up and playing parts (only some of which are paid actors), rides driven my manpower instead of diesel machines, jousts and fights among knights, shows by fire breathers and jugglers, etc. Food is plentiful and not outrageously priced (averaging 10 $.50 tickets each) and you can go and spend almost all day there for the one entry fee. Go. Have fun!
1-starnot worth it - avoid this place
KING richard ,,,well the WORD is king we are the peasent and as the peasent you pay a high fee to the king,,,not worth it avoid this place
4-starAnd a good time was had by all
We really enjoy the King Richard's Faire. Yes, it is more expensive than the CT Ren. Fair, but the venue is much better. We saved money one year by going to CT. It was fun, but it was in the middle of fairgrounds that were in a field -- no shade at all and it was a hot day. King Richard's is under beautiful trees and gloriously shady. We just got back and I'd have to say that the higher cost was worth it as we were all able to wear our costumes on a sunny 80 degree day without passing out or wilting in the sun. We went with our eyes open, knowing that 6 people (two adults, three teens and a 7 year old) were going to cost, but heck, going to the movies with a crowd this big will cost over $60 for tix alone, and lasts only two or three hours. We would spend at least as much (or maybe a bit more) to go to the Boston Science Museum for the day, but have to pay for parking. We arrived at 10:30 am and stayed until 5:30, so our $142 (we had four $2 coupons) for tix was covering 7 hours of entertainment. We spent $80 on food, which actually averages only $13 each, so really not so bad (and the some of food we had was freshly prepared - mmm a belgium waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, large enough to share for 12 tickets aka $6). We also bought souveniers, had some face painting done, contributed to the performers that impressed us, and had a blast. The Faire is filled with character actors dressed well who interact with you and your children, to make it feel more authentic. It isn't an outing to attend on a whim or on the cheap, but if you plan for it, you get your money's worth.
5-star100 positive experiences
this is going to be my 3rd year going. its something i look forward to all year. though i never thought that id end up putting together an elaborate costume i enjoy my time there so much that i have done that very thing. the faire delivers exactly what it advertises on its website. it saddens me to see people badmouth the faire because they feel like they should be let in for less. if you are into this kind of thing it is worth every penny. i wouldnt want to be responsible for bringing a child or pushing a stroller around all day, but otherwise an excellent experience. love king richards faire.
1-starto much money
king richard's fair is way way way OVER PRICED for a family it's cheaper to go to 6 FLAGS
4-starThe King Richard's Renaissance Faire is a Treat
The King Richard's Faire has begun to be an annual excursion for me and my family. The prospect of entering a time period I find attractive and joining the costume clad visitors and actors to join in the role playing fun keeps bringing me back. If you are not a renaissance enthusiast you most likely will view the gate fee and food prices skeptically. However, as long as you eat beforehand or smuggle food in, the entrance fee is tolerable if you don't go on a spending spree inside. The experience is worth the entrance fee of 27 dollars as many of the shows and performances are well done and genuinely entertaining. It is easy for me to enjoy looking through the wares and crafts without taking out my wallet. The King Richard's Faire is my favorite place to 'window shop.' There is much visual and aural stimulation outside the performances and shops. The Faire is the greatest place for people-watching (trust me, you'll find some interesting fanatics). Also, 'street performers' play their pipes, lutes and drums around every corner. The actor/shopkeepers have been trained in the art of speaking in appropriate accents and are usually willing to converse with passers by. For someone who doesn't feel the need to spend money on every game and ride, this faire is quite rewarding. I prefer watching strangers and friends attempt the knife throwing and mug sliding games rather than join in (it saves my money while I still enjoy the essence of the activity). All in all, the King Richard's Faire provides a magical day for those willing to creatively avoid the high costs. (And don't forget to find a good seat for the joust to the death.)
2-starFor what it's worth
Here's a general overview of what we learned from our visit. We felt that the gate fees are high ($26/adults and $15 kids), especially since almost everything inside (except the shows) are a la carte. This is somewhat true of many faires though. On the up side - There is no parking fee. The food is very expensive (for instance, a draft beer is $14), so our recommendation is to EAT BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Outside snack are frowned upon and you cannot re-enter once you leave. As far as the entertainment - grab a schedule at the entrance. There are 5-6 different stages to choose from. The upbeat Juggler stage show is Witty and Entertaining. It is rated PG, but most of the jokes are ambiguous enough to be fit for the entire family. They bring up volunteers from the audience and juggle machetes & fire batons. The afternoon show take place right before the tiger show. It's a good idea to keep your seats (or upgrade) and wait for the Tiger Show. That one gets very crowded. You could also have one person stay behind to hold the bench while the kids take in the magic show in the kids area right behind it. The Tiger Show at King Richard's Faire is pretty cool. The hosts are from a wildlife safari place in Myrtle Beach and throughout the show they bring out 6-7 live tigers (some cubs, some gigantic). The tigers are leashed, but not in cages which adds an element of wow. The finale features a very rare Liger - which is a cross between a Tiger and a Lion. The Jousting tournament is pretty fun to watch. There are four knights who perform feats of skill and then have mock fights. Each section has its own knight to cheer for. One of the knights keeps getting disqualified and becomes a bit ornary. The rides & games at King Richard's Faire are carnival like - but with a renaissance twist. Take a swing on one of three old-time ships ($3); Ride a big Swan swing ($3); Be a Jouster and Ride a wooden horse down a mini-zip line while trying to get your sword in the circle ($3). Try your hand at archery - 12 arrows for $4. Knife throwing more your speed? $3 for 5 throws at a wooden wall. Bathrooms are not labeled well and difficult to find. Overall - it's certainly not a great value. A family of four costs $82 just to enter and then factoring in rides & activities you are well over $100. You won't leave thinking - wow, I totally got my money's worth there! But if you are looking for something a little different and are okay with shelling out about $12 - $15/per person for rides & activities once inside, it's not horrible. They've made the attempt to bring in more family-friendly things to do this year, and the costumes and environment provide a decent backdrop.


Info changes frequently. We cannot warrant it. Verify with King Richard's Faire 2021 before making the trek. If you find an error, please report it...
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