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Baby Furniture Warehouse

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Locations:Multiple see below
Ages:Toddlers, Adults
Category:Kids Furniture & Gear
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A complete baby, tot and teen furniture and accessories outlet. Beds, cradles, stollers, changing tables, gliders, bedroms sets and more!

Check online to view the wide variety of items sold both in the retail stores and online. Large furniture items in the Retail Store section of the website are available for sale at the stores, and can only be delivered within a limited area of New England.

Reading/Braintree Stores
Mon: 10am-3pm
Thurs: 10am-8pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-5:30pm

Lynnfield Store: 'La Bella Baby Boutique'
Mon: 10am-5pm
Wed: 10am-6pm
Thurs: 10am-8pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm



Braintree781-843-5353map240 Wood Road, Braintree, MA
Lynnfield(781) 595-5565map24 Broadway Street, Rte 1 South, MA, 01940
Woburn(781) 942-7978map128 Market Place, One General Ave., Reading, MA


1-starLate Deliveries And Terrible Customer Service
Not to pile on... but I think it's important that people know what they are getting into when they order from here. Last February, my wife and I ordered a complete nursery set from the Baby Furniture Warehouse in Reading, despite the horrifying customer feedback. I wish we had listened! Our 1st visit to the store was good; the sales personnel in the store are great, and will promise you whatever it takes to make the sale. Unfortunately after you place your order, you are on your own. We were assured a 6 - 8 week delivery in the store. The paperwork then got written up as 8-10 weeks delivery (which they assured us would never be that late). Well our set was delivered 14 weeks later! Thankfully the set was delivered in good condition and our baby boy did not arrive until the following week. While I understand babies do not require cribs, etc for a while after they are born (as some have argued), I think they are missing the point. What expecting parents want to be setting up a nursery so close to delivery? I know it was extremely painful for us. The main point I want to stress here is that buyer beware. We spent over $3000 here and not only were they over a month late, there was no accountability on the side of BFW. They were completely rude when we called to ask for an update on delivery and offered not so much as an apology for their lateness. I know this store looks appealing when you walk in, but until they get a better handle on customer service and delivery commitments, I couldn't recommend this store to my worst enemy. There are too many other stores out there who have the same merchandise and comparable prices. Just a note, that this is the 1st review I have ever been driven to write. I am a professional businessman who understands delivery issues. I don't know of any company that can be so far off on their commitments, yet take NO responsibility.
1-starTakes Forever To Get Your Order
We too are having a terrible experience with Baby Furniture Warehouse out of Reading. First their website said the crib and dresser we wanted was in stock, we went to the store, ordered it and were told only the dresser was in stock and the crib would take 10-12 weeks to come. It's been 12 weeks, the furniture has not come and they told us they can't guarantee when it'll arrive, could be another month, could be another two, three, four....which we were really upset about because even if we can't put our baby girl in a crib at first, we still want her room to be set up. Now, they called to inform us the dresser that was supposedly in stock all along and tagged to be ours is not even in their warehouse. So now we're waiting for both a crib and a dresser. PLUS their customer service totally blows. They actually started arguing with my husband about the delivery and status of our furniture. So not only do they mess up, but they also take it out on the customer. I would never recommend anyone to go here for their furniture or anything else. This store needs some classes in customer service and timeliness.
1-starHorrible Buying Experience
We are expecting on September 18th and the nursery is complete...aside from one thing. We have NO FURNITURE! We ordered 17 weeks ahead of our due date and here we are...14 weeks into our order and no furniture. They don't have a clue where it is or when it will be in and they will do nothing about it. At the time of order we were told (and it says it on our receipt) that it could take up to 10-12 weeks. Upon speaking with them, they said that there is nothing they can do, and they have 50 other customers that are just as angry. If it is not here by Monday, the Better Business Bureau will be contacted. Do not order from them unless you're in your first trimester.
1-starI Agree
The customer service here AWFUL. The furniture is good but I would never go back again. They don't follow through on what they promise. My story is to long to report here but I had a very difficult time with them through a very difficult pregnancy. I would not recommend them to ANY moms who are expecting.
4-starStep Back From The Ledge
We've purchased a number of items from BFW and have found their customer service and prices to be excellent. As for the 'Bad News' reviewer. Don't be too concerned about having a crib for the day your baby is due. You'll probably want to have your baby sleep in a bassinet or co-sleeper for the first 6 to 10 weeks. Your baby won't be too bothered if your furniture isn't a perfect match. It sounds like your experience with BFW has been less than ideal. There are plenty of other furniture stores out there. Try to relax a bit and stock up on sleep. If you're getting this worked up about furniture, you're not going to have energy left for 2,3,and 4 am feedings, or colic. By the way, congratulations on your impending parenthood.
1-starBad News Review
They should give you a free crib after all you've endured. After seeing all the poor reviews here I would want to improve in the area of customer service if I were the owner.
1-starBad News
My wife and I ordered a crib here 11 weeks ago. My in-laws live nearby and they called the store a few weeks back to see where it was, since the date when we'd been expecting delivery had passed (we'd been told it would take 6-8 weeks). The gentleman told us that the delivery was running late, that the crib should be delivered in about two weeks and that we should be all set. Now that those two weeks have also passed, my in-laws went to the store in person today and they were told that the manager who'd been working with us wasn't there and that he'd be back in the afternoon. When my in-laws got home, they had a voicemail from that manager saying that the manufacturer no longer makes the crib we'd ordered, and that we'd either have to take the floor model at a slight discount or start all over again selecting a new crib. Since my wife's due date is now less than six weeks away, it would be literally impossible for us to select a new crib and to have it delivered in time for the baby's arrival. Not to mention, in the eleven weeks since we ordered the crib, we've bought & assembled quite a bit of furniture that matches it. Our baby's entire bedroom is planned entirely around this crib. My main questions are: (1) if the manufacturer no longer makes this particular crib, why weren't we told about this much, much earlier, (2) if my in-laws hadn't gone to the store today to inquire again as to the whereabouts of the crib we'd ordered eleven weeks ago, when (if ever) would the manager have notified us that the crib is no longer being made and (3) if we do decide to take the floor model, shouldn't we be given a significant discount for taking a floor model (which they don't need anymore) and for the MAJOR inconvenience? I had high hopes for this place over the chain stores, but this has left a really bad taste in my mouth.
5-starHidden Jewel
i am a faithful customer of baby furniture warehouse, reading ma., but NOW they have opened a AMAZING store in Lynnfield, on rt. 1 next to the christmas tree shop. even thou the store is smalller than the reading store, they make up for it in service, selection, and uniqueness. the girls there are so genuine and friendly. they are so knowledgeable in all thier products, and follow up on any questions that i had. there is so much to look at there, it is just amazing !!! i feel so happy every time i leave that store, that i go there just to look around, but always leave there purchasing something, you just cant help it.!!
1-starAWFUL Customer Service
We bought our furniture at the Reading store and I am so unhappy with the entire experience. Its been over 3 months and none of the furniture has arrived. The manager is extremely rude and my phone calls never get returned. If you want your baby furniture shopping to be a happy experience dont shop here!!
3-starDelayed Delivery
I ordered furniture from this store in mid-February: I am due at the end of May. I took into consideration that there was a 10-12 week delivery time and one of the pieces of my furniture still isn't even in the country -- it's on a boat somewhere! Once it gets here there it's at least another week until it arrives locally, and then they have to find a time to deliver it which can take another week or more to fit into their schedule. I only bought three pieces and the piece that I am missing is the one that I really needed right away -- the dresser to store stuff. Right now I have piles of clean clothing sitting in laundry baskets all over the nursery. I am not sure how I could have done this any differently, I didn't want to buy furniture too early in case the unthinkable happened, and I took some time deciding what I really wanted for the room. I wasn't expecting it to take 4 months to get all of it. I was also disappointed that I had to call them to arrange delivery of the other pieces once the 12 week window was up. I would think that it would occur to them to call and to let me know what the situation was. I like the furniture I have so far, but their delivery times and customer service lack.


Info changes frequently. We cannot warrant it. Verify with Baby Furniture Warehouse before making the trek. If you find an error, please report it...
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