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Tougas Farm

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Hours:Hours Vary see below
Ages:Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Adults
Category:Farms & Orchards
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Come enjoy a day at the Tougas Family Farm. Pick your own apples, (or whatever fruit happens to be in season, be it peaches, strawberries, raspberries etc..) sip delicious cider, or view the farm action on a scenic hayride. The farm features a variety of fruits from June to November. The picking information line is 508-393-6406.

Barnyard Fun For All Ages
What would a day on the farm be without visiting the barnyard and playground? Bring the kids to see our herd of pygmy goats climb their rock mountain and goat bridge, watch the flock of ducks take a dip in their bath tub, and the pigs wallow in the mud puddles. New arrivals come often to the barnyard, so keep your eyes open for babies!

Playground For The Kiddies
The playground is an authentic farm play yard. Geared towards elementary school age children, the playground has an antique tractor to take pictures on, slides, swings, balance beams, and more for your kids to use some energy on.

Tougas Kitchen
The Kitchen is also open from 10:00am to 4:00pm serving blueberry donuts, strawberry slush, fruit smoothies, blueberry rhubarb crisp, ice cream, hot dogs. Don't miss the new Flavor Burst Soft Serve.

Tougas Family Farm Fruit Seasons:

Strawberries - Early June to early July:
The season is only a few short weeks, so call the picking info line, (508) 393-6406, early in June so you don't miss it! Enjoy real strawberry slushies at the kitchen, along with strawberry shortcake and strawberry crisp.

Blueberries - Early July to early September:
Blueberries are one of the only native American fruits to be commercially grown, besides cranberries. This all-American favorite has been credited as an extremely healthy fruit, containing higher amounts of essential vitamins then any other fruit. Call the picking info line for summer hours: (508) 393-6406.

Peaches - August to mid September:
Come enjoy juicy white and yellow fleshed peaches that get as large as softballs. With over ten varieties available, the season starts with blueberry season and ends in Apple season. Come enjoy the juiciest peaches you'll ever find. Call the picking info line for summer hours: (508) 393-6406.

Raspberries - August to late September
Raspberries are great for using in baked goods, jams and jellies, or just for eating fresh. They also have a limited supply of Golden Raspberries that are golden when ripe. Call the picking info line for availability: (508) 393-6406

Apples - Late August through mid-October:
Choose from over twenty varieties available including: McIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Honeycrisp, Empire, Fuji, Macoon, Idared, Red and Yellow Delicious, Spencer, Mutsu, Jonagold, and more! Enjoy a hayride out to the orchard and fresh apple pies and crisps at the Tougas Family Farm Kitchen! Come for a drive during the crisp days of autumn and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage on the hill. Call the picking info line for hours and to see what varieties we are picking: (508) 393-6406.

Pumpkins - Mid September through October:
Come on out to Farmer Mo's Patch and find your Great Pumpkin! Pick out the perfect pumpkins to carve this Halloween, they have all different sizes and shapes, and some real interesting ones if you look hard enough.

Tougas Farm Kitchen:
What better thing to do with the world class fruit that you find here then to bake with it! At the Tougas Family Farm Kitchen they use their own fruit to make the finest pies, crisps, shortcakes, other baked goods around! The Kitchen also offers light lunches, ice cream, cool drinks including our famous homemade Strawberry Slushie, and other goodies to eat here or take home.

Barnyard & Playground:
At the Barnyard you and your family can visit friendly farm animals. Come visit the goats and watch them play in their yard. Each year they have many newborn goats that are usually born in the winter and spring. While at the Barnyard you can visit the piglets in their pig pen, and hope that the chickens don't fly the coop! Be sure to stop and say hi to the rabbits.

Find more places to pick your own strawberries near boston in our handy guide to summer fun.

HOURS↑ top

Open Daily (Seasonal)
10:00am until 5:30pm



246 Ball Street, Northborough, MA, 01532 map
Phone: (508) 393-6406

Take exit #24 off I-290 in Northborough Massachusetts. Just 1.5 miles from the exit.

TIPS↑ top

  • Some helpful hints for your visit to the farm

  • -Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty without care, and footwear that is comfortable for walking.

  • -Wear sunscreen and hats.

  • -There are new, handicapped accessible restrooms located between the Kitchen and Barnyard.

  • -Visitors are encouraged to reuse your picking trays. Wipe clean with a damp cloth after use, and bring back to fill again.

  • -The picking fields are closed when there is lightning in the area for everyone's safety.

  • Looking for more places go apple picking near Boston? Check out our handy guide featuring some of our favorite spots to pick your own fruits!

1-starCustomer Service is Ok but the Reply of the Management is WORST
We went there to pick cherries and not blueberries since they only have Tart Cherries we ended up doing Blueberries. A lot of the blueberries are still green and sour so we ended up having less than $10 worth of blueberries. We have been trying to pick for an hour but since it's the first day of picking what can you expect ( we didn't know it was the first day and learned it when we are about to enter the picking area). We asked for a credit or something that we could use the unused part to get some fruit at the fruit stand which they said no and the guy at the cashier offered to give goat food for feeding ( so we got $2.00) worth. We sent a complaint and this is what we got: I will address your complaints. Number 1, we never closed for cherry picking on Saturday until the end of the day. We advertised in our Facebook Post (you can check), on our website and on signage at farm that we had TART cherries for picking. You waited in line for TART cherries which were available. So your first complaint is untrue. Number 2.'Blueberries which is never our choice'. Obviously it was your choice, no one forced you into that line, correct? If you didn't want blueberries, why didn't you leave and go elsewhere? Number 3 'It was a long trip to the farm' what's the point? Number 4 You paid $20 for ADMISSION to the farm. Look at your receipt! How do you return ADMISSION after your group spent over an hour in our orchard, picking, eating and I'm sure wasting our fruit. Number 5 Not enough ripe fruit, however just under 1500 other people found enough ripe fruit. Your's is the ONLY complaint. Number 6 , You 'lost' $10.00. Why did you drive all the way from Quincy in the first place? There's no where in Quincy to buy blueberries or cherries? No, you wanted an outing with the kids. You got that, you just weren't happy that you didn't check with our postings to see that you couldn't pick sweet cherries, correct? Number 7 Strawberry entrance is also different. That's not at all true. It's been that way for ten years. What difference is it that it is any different than any other farm. You had the choice to go elsewhere. We didn't put a gun to your head and force you here. Our admission policy is clearly posted here and on every page of our website. Number 8, the reason we initiated the admission was to address people who saw no value in the entertainment we were giving their families. People who wanted to go into our fields with their family, spend and hour or more, and then leave saying there was nothing they wanted to pay for. Sound like anyone you know? Yes, it was a long trip but we are not going back there again even if they are the only farm that has cherries ( buying them from Costco and other stores are way cheaper) Next time we will stick with Lookout Farm in Natick and Ward Farm in Sharon!!! We didn't enjoy eating your blueberries and the fact is we still have the blueberries we picked last Saturday, July 2, 2016. Yes, you have the playground for the kids but we could have went to Lookout Farm and enjoyed the same and much more activities for the kids. Your response is just unacceptable way of dealing with customers. Either way, as you said in your e-mail you have thousands of people with positive experience!
5-starTougas Farm A Fun Family Day
We visited the farm on Sept. 11th. We wanted to celebrate our Family. We met up with other family members at the food court. My group stayed in that one area for three hours! We couldn't get the kids to leave the play area. We enjoyed hotdogs, apple cider and donuts. Fed the goats. The show the popcorn makers put on had us glued to our seats. The sweet man who makes the popcorn stopped to explain the process and give all the kids Free samples! Smart guy because we ended buying 3 bags! As for the apple picking A+! trees were low enough for the kids to reach. The orchard is well kept. The tractor was a ball and the driver kept us informed about picking locations . What else could we ask for? The kids fell asleep before we drove out the parking lot. Already planning to revisit Sept. 24th!
5-starResponse From Tougas Family Farm
We do apologize that you were unable to pick apples when you came. I would like to point out, however, that the website does mention in numerous places that there were no more apples to pick, and has since Sunday of Columbus Day weekend. We begin picking apples in mid-August. Thank you everyone for a great season! Remember to always visit the website and check the 'Picking Conditions' page before you come!
2-starOctober 14 Apple Picking Season Already Over
We traveled almost an hour to visit Tougas farm. We went on October 14 and unfortunately were told that they were closed for apple picking...but that we could 'bag' apples at the store. I have heard that the apple season was early this year, but the 14th of October? I'd also like to mention that the person working in the shop who informed us of the inability to pick was rude....'didn't you see the sign...and well you can blame mother nature'. Well I did miss the small hand written sign entering the farm and it would be extrememly helpful for the orchard to post this fact on their website (which I was on the evening before). Plus there were many trees in the orchard loaded with apples, I do assume that they are saving them for school trips, but still very disappointing. We will never make that trip again. Honey Pot or Lookout from now on.
5-starStrawberries Are Back
I know its summer here in New England because the strawberries are ready at Tougas Farm. I found this farm in Northborough this past fall. My family feel in love with the apples and hay rides. I wanted to come back to pick your own berries. I am so glad we did. This isnt a tiny little farm but it isnt so big that you get lost. There was plenty of berries and staff was helpful.If you havent visited Tougas Farm before it is well worth the trip. A great play area for children. I have to say I truly missed the smell of kettle popcorn (which is how we found this farm) and the donuts. I hope and keep my toes crossed both will be back soon. I dont know if I can wait until fall(!) Blueberries here we come. All 12 of us.
4-starVery Nice Part Of New England
After looking at the reviews I have to agree with most comments. The good, nice farm, wonderful fruit, clean and worth the money. The not so good is the kitchen. The line was long but it was one young lady in the kitchen that was the rotten apple. She was a bit on the wild side and did not fit in the the rest of the friendly vibe. That is the only draw back. The day was a perfect day.
3-starTougas Farm
This place is definitely great for apple, peach, pumpkin picking. But if you and your family are planning to get lunch on a weekend, be prepared for a cluster. The kitchen is extremely slow and poorly run, causing very long slow lines. We waited in one line for 40 minutes just to find out that what we wanted, was only available in another line, another 25 min. Very frustrating, especially w/5 little ones in our group.
5-starMore To Tougas Farm Then Pick Your Own Fruit
Me and my husband thought we'd try Tougas Farm since all the reviews made it seem so wonderful. They are RIGHT! We brought my 4 year old twin girls. OMG..I couldnt get them out of the play area. Between the goats and chickens(well behaved) and playground we spent the entire afternnon. We picked strawberries. The Farm is very clean. The upick area is perfect for my little ones. There was plenty to pick. It cost 3.00 up front but then they take the cost off the fruit you pick. We ended up paying 4.60 for the fruit so I would say for a huge bucket of strawberries and lots of fun it was well worth it. I also tried the doughnuts. Yummy! They were strawberry. My girls had the strawberry shortcake. It was all homemade and out of this world. I am glad we listened to the reviews. We live in Bolton so it is a hike. Well worth the drive. We have many apple picking farms in our area but we will be back. The popcorn makers werent there but I was told they would be in the fall. This place is so much more than a apple picking farm.
5-starA Must Stop
I feel like a child at Christmas! I wait all winter to taste the sweet strawberries that say SUMMER is here. This is the best picking I've ever done. At 68 I have spent many hours picking berries and apples. Let us not forget the peaches that Tougas Farm seems to hold the gold metal for the best around. I have cherished this farm for many years. My children enjoyed it here and now I bring my grandchildren. It is a wonderful family farm. Still has that charm of New England at its best. The Tougas family is always working around the farm. Mr. Tougas is seen a many days still driving the tractor. They take great pride in this farm and it shows. I had the pleasure of tasting the kettle made popcorn for the first time here. The makers Laura and Steve made my grandsons day when they gave him a great big hot bag after he was lost and was in his mothers arms (2 minutes). I feel like its home. Thank you to the Tougas family for keeping the warmth and love in this part of my world.
5-starA True Hidden Gem
We spent Sunday at Tougas Farm. We were a group of 14. Children ages 2-11 and 7 adults. WOW! It was very busy. The lines were long to get onto the tractor but we didnt wait more than 10 minutes. Apples were in reach and the kids had a ball. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my own childhood. We spent several hours in the childrens play area and also saw new baby goats. The kitchen served up mouth watering cider doughnuts that had to be the best any of us had ever eaten. We bought several bags of kettle popcorn that was well worth the wait. (Get some for home or you will regret it because now we are going to make a special trip just to get some goodies) I do recommend more signs. It was a little confusing finding location of apple picking. This farm is easy a 5 hours visit. There is nothing like fall in New England and Tougas Farm is a must see.


Info changes frequently. We cannot warrant it. Verify with Tougas Farm before making the trek. If you find an error, please report it...
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